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Any Future You Want

You can create any future you want - and quicker than you think

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This site exists to provide a quick introduction to EFT  - Emotional Freedom Technique, or simply "tapping".

EFT is a simple, free, versatile self healing technique.

Here's a short video that explains briefly what it's about and capable of:

You can fix a heck of a lot of stuff with no experience at all. Just follow the basic steps. More complex issues might require more persistence or finesse, but the techniques you'd use are exactly the same as what you will learn right here.

You can do this, right now, for free.

If you want to start quickly, I recommend my quick start guide. It's 2 pages long & takes 5 minutes to read. You could have your first success a minute later.

EFT really is that fast. More complex or significant trauma may take more effort, but many, many things can be cleared very quickly indeed.

The rest of this site has tips, hints and suggestions that I've picked up since I first discovered EFT, in 2006.

EFT is a gift (free! the best kind!). I was given it, and my life has improved immeasurably. Now, I'm giving it to you.