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Any Future You Want

You can create any future you want - and quicker than you think


These are some example tappings (to go with the one in the quick start guide). They're provided here so you can get an idea of one way of tapping.

There are a lot of different approaches to EFT (eg Slow EFT, or just saying "I love you" on each point). The important thing is that you do what feels most right for you. Experiment until you find something that feels comfortable.

I'd recommend doing all these examples. A lot of times we bury things so deeply inside ourselves we're not even consciously aware that we need healing in that area. Even if our initial reaction is "Rubbish! That doesn't apply to me", it can often be surprising just how powerfully we do in fact need it.

Tap on your karate chop or collarbone points while saying each setup, in order to see if there is any resonance with that particular issue.

I'd especially recommend the tappings on Fearing Change, Blaming Yourself, Over Generalisation and Doom Saying. These are attitudinal tappings, designed to improve how you view the world (and thus how it affects you). They're simple, but very powerful, and pretty much everyone can gain from some improvement, however small, in these areas. Combined together, they're surprisingly powerful.

As with all tapping, it only takes a few minutes, so what do you have to lose?