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Getting To Hero

One less commonly mentioned use of EFT is to tap in positive things, not just tap out negative things.

When you tap from, say a 9 on your scale down to a 0, what you're really doing is tapping from -9 (the negative) up to 0.

The best next step is to then tap IN the opposite, positive thing.

Some examples:

(although these phrases are much too general - you should be as specific as you can - you get the idea. It's not complicated. Just use whatever opposite phrase feels right for you)

Now, it's super important that you tap out the negative first. If you just started tapping the positive in straight away, your brain would object strongly. Once you're neutral on the subject though? Then you can tap in the positive with no resistance.

The other thing that tapping in the positive does is, it ensures that we've actually cleared the negative out completely. It's very easy to fool ourselves and think we're at 0 when really there's a little bit left, waiting to jump out and bite us on the ass later. Tapping in the positive will make damn sure any last remaining bits are completely gone.

So, once you've cleared the negative completely, then tap in the positive until that becomes your new completely believed reality.