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Getting To The Root

The key with trying to solve any problem using EFT is to tap on the root issue.

This typically means the earlier possible example of the trauma that you can think of.

Often times the things that bring us the most pain have occurred many times during our lives (parents hurting us, injustices, feelings of powerlessness, etc).

The best way to tackle these repeating events is to tap on the very first instance we can remember.

Describe the trauma in very general terms, and then think back to the first occurrence.

When we've tapped to the point where this is a 0 out of 10, then we can move to the next occurrence, and so on.

For events that may have occurred dozens of times, we'll often find that after we've cleared out 5 or 10 separate instances, that the rest of them simply don't bother us at all. The key is to ensure that we clear each instance right down to the point where we feel peaceful and loving about it.

Physical issues

Physical issues are a bit different from emotional or mental issues. With the latter two you can normally just talk about them directly.

However, with physical issues, they often occur because of an underlying emotional trauma, event, or other form of suffering. In other words, the physical issue is the effect; the emotional is the cause.

Maybe we're stressed at work. Maybe we're feeling bulldozed over. Maybe someone is being a pain in our neck. Maybe we're feeling like the only way we can get any rest is if we're sick or infirm.

The key with physical issues is to ask ourselves what might have caused it, then tap on the cause, not the effect.