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Measuring Progress

It's important to measure your progress on any issue.

For a start, if you don't do this, it can get very discouraging if it doesn't feel like you're making any progress (even if you may actually be leaping forwards by leaps and bounds).

So, before you start tapping on any issue, write down how much it bothers you, from 0-10 (where 0 is nothing at all, and 10 is maximum pain). The technical name for this is SUDS - the Subjective Units of Distress Scale.

If the issue is only a 3 or 4 (or lower) it might be worth getting more specific, until you're at the actual heart of the issue.

After you've done three or more rounds, then measure again - how much does it upset you, from 0-10.

Keep going until you get it down to a zero. Do NOT leave the issue unresolved at a 1 or 2, as it can sometimes flare up again later. Much better to be completely thorough.