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What Do I Say?

This is probably the most confusing aspect of EFT, when you first get started.

It's easy if someone else tells you what to say as you're tapping, but if you're doing it yourself, what should you say at each point?

The traditional method is this:

  1. If the problem you're trying to resolve was a movie, what would the title be? (ie, describe it succinctly)
  2. Tapping the karate chop or collarbone point, say "Even though I [movie title], I love and forgive myself" three times
  3. Tap each point around the body 5-10 times while saying [movie title]

Really though, the only reason we say anything is to keep us focused on the problem.

So, just let your mind wander around the subject. Talk about it as if you were talking to a friend. Explain all the nitty gritty details of the problem. It doesn't matter. Whatever pops into your head is going to be the right thing to say. In fact, often times if something seemingly unrelated pops into our heads, that's actually the very core of the problem, so talk about that as well.

It's good to free associate about an issue. Just say whatever comes into your head. When you say something that resonates particularly with you, repeat it to really hammer the point home.

There's no right answer here. For example, if you're able to keep mentally focused on the issue, it's quite valid to just say "I love you" as you tap on each point.

The key is to just keep going around, and talking about it all until you no longer feel any strong resonance about any of it.